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Some of you might have spotted that Baleen snuck into your inboxes a day early last week… OOPS! Turns out touch screens and sunshine beaming in through the window aren’t a good combination. Let’s see if I can get it right this week (and if you’re reading this on Sunday, I was foiled again…)

This week’s hot take

Here in the UK, all talk was of the budget this week. But what do Sunak’s new proposals mean for the environment? Rebecca Newsom, Head of Politics for Greenpeace UK, said:

"For all the talk of a green recovery, this Budget suggests the Chancellor has failed to clock the urgency of the climate emergency. A National Infrastructure Bank and Green Bonds could be steps forward, but without a guarantee they will provide sustained investment to decarbonise buildings, transport and industry, they are unlikely to do much to advance climate action. Meanwhile the government’s shambolic handling of the Green Homes Grant and ambitions for the City on ‘high quality’ offsetting are both steps in the opposite direction, leaving the UK with weakened authority on the world stage ahead of November’s climate conference. Successive budgets that approach the climate and nature emergency in a half-hearted manner have left us running out of time and credibility."

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The Deep Dive

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