Do we need to rethink the economy to protect the planet?

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This week’s hot take

New section this week as we hear from experts on recent conservation news.

After months of campaigning, 14,030 square kilometres of UK waters will be protected from destructive fishing with trawling and dredging to be banned (BLUE)

    Chris Thorne, an oceans campaigner at Greenpeace UK, said:

    “We need to see the detail of these proposals, but if the Government is indeed considering a total ban on bottom trawling in these four protected areas, then it’s good news. However, all of our sensitive marine areas must be properly protected, not just four … Yet there are still hundreds of other equally important marine areas still open to all forms of destructive industrial fishing. Action in these four sites is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of the scale needed to solve the crisis facing our oceans.”

    A new study has found the minority of elasmobranchs coming through Singapore’s fishery ports are caught locally. Most are imported from Indonesia and Malaysia (Science Direct)

    JCU’s shark and fisheries expert Dr. Andrew Chin said:

    “Landings, catch value and use data are vital to figuring out what’s happening to SEA sharks and rays, and while #sharkfin often takes the headlines, shark and Ray meat are also important drivers. Market and landing surveys are painstaking work, but it’s crucial data.”

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    The economy & finance

    Oooer, we’re going full adult here and talking about the economy and finance! But, don’t worry, we’ll try to make it digestible…


    Lots of ocean news this week so…

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    On firm ground

    The deep dive

    Woah, last week’s reports were intense right? So, something a bit different this week:

    • Is it really green? Is a dishwasher more eco friendly than hand washing? And how many uses make a tote bag an environmental option? Answers to these and other eco dilemmas in the fab new book Is it Really Green?

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