What does Planet Ocean really look like?

January is OVER: let's shellebrate with some ocean news 🐚🥳

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Congrats for making it through the longest Jan in history. I don’t know about you but this month was tough. Hopefully this ocean digest brightens up the start of your Feb.

There was So. Much. News this week. To squeeze it all into this week’s edition, there are more stories split across more categories. Love it? Prefer the shorter digest? Let me know!

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Before we get going, I need to know which of the Bernie memes was your favourite. It’s not ocean-related but personally I just can’t get enough of this gem…

OK, with that important announcement out of the way, let’s crack on with some news.



  • City-zen science: Cities contribute 80% to global GDP but account for 75% of greenhouse gas emissions. So the World Economic Forum has created BiodiverCities by 2030 to help cities grow while shifting towards nature-positive frameworks.

Sustainability, climate & more…

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If you’re thinking: “OK this is great but I want MORE” here are a few resources that might float your boat:

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