90% of sharks wiped out 🦈

Plus right whales shrinking, thinning Arctic ice and squids in space

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And, with that said, let’s get straight onto this week’s ocean news…

🐳 Whales

  • Bubble net: A group of humpback whales bubble-net feeding has been caught on camera (The Conversation)

  • Whaley small: North Atlantic right whales may be shrinking because of human impacts including fishing gear entanglement (Independent)

  • Listen up: New techniques use sound for more reliable detections of right whales so ships can avoid them (Earth Sky)

  • Call me mother: Three previously captive dolphins released back into the wild have now given birth (WDC)

  • New York, New York… Scientists have discovered the first evidence of humpbacks singing off the New York coast (Independent)

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🦈🐙 Marine animals

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🚯 Pollution & threats

💰 Opportunities

🐚🐠 Ecosystems

🎣 Fisheries

  • Yellow card: Ghana has been given a second warning from the EU for failing to tackle illegal fishing (Modern Ghana)

  • Going dark: ‘Hidden’ Chinese vessels are pillaging the waters off Argentina, says Oceana (Guardian)

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