The Seaspiracy special

The debate rages on... which side are you on?

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For those of you who were celebrating, I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend. In exciting news here, I had an article published by National Geographic this week (eeep!). If you’re interested in finding out more about why whales beach, I’d love for you to give it a read!

Otherwise, let’s jump into the ocean news of the week…

🌊 Ocean news 🌊

Ice, ice, baby ❄️

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  • “I saw a freaking whale from a plane”: What would you do if you managed to get a photo (albeit blurry) of a whale from your flight? Very cool…

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🤓 New studies 🤓

Some more exciting new studies to share with you this week:

The deep dive

Much as we try not to dwell on the pandemic in Baleen (if we can help it), the Ocean Conservancy’s new PPE study on the rising tide of pandemic polution is worth checking out. Find and download the full report here.

This week’s hot take

As you might have noticed, the debate about Seaspiracy has continued. So, this week, we’ve rounded up some different takes on this controversial documentary:

What did you think of Seaspiracy? Was its success in raising awareness of the state of our oceans

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