Watch our planet drastically change before your eyes 👀

Plus, some new conservation grants have been announced

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With that out of the way, let’s find out what’s been making a splash in this week’s ocean news…

👀 Wildlife sightings 👀

It might be that spring is on the way or just that, feeling more landlocked than ever, I’ve noticed a heap of stories about marine life encounters this week, including:

Have you had any amazing wildlife sightings recently? Help me live vicariously through you by letting me know in the comments!

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🐳 Whales 🐳

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🐬 Other marine life 🐙

💰 Funding & grants 💰

  • Apply now: Save Our Seas Foundation small grants applications - for research, conservation and education projects worldwide, particularly those focused on sharks, rays and skates - are open

  • Tackling Ocean Plastics: A new Sea-Changers fund will support UK organisations with conservation projects tackling plastics. Details coming soon.

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🐚 Ecosystems 🐠

🎣 Fisheries & other ocean news 🌊

The deep dive 🤿

Blue Marine Foundation has launched a report revealing findings from its SAFEGEAR project, which analysed the scale and severity of the ghost gear problem and developed an AIS beacon to tackle it.  Check it out here.

You might have noticed that there’s no hot take this week. The section didn’t seem to be popular with pod members so it’s on pause for now. If I’m wrong and you secretly loved it and want it back, let me know!

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Thanks for reading this week’s edition. I’m (finally) off to the seaside after being landlocked and in lockdown for too long - hope you have a fabulous week! 🌊


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