What does the return of travel mean for conservation?

Plus some good shark news, some bad plastic news and some total 💩 news too!

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Happy lunar New Year! 🧧🏮 I don’t know about you but I was pretty bloomin’ fed up of the Year of the Rat so I hope the first few days of the Year of the Ox have been going well for you. Things can only get better this lunar year, right? Let’s hope so…

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This week’s hot take

As you know, Baleen is usually a pandemic-free zone. But, there’s a lot of chatter about how marine ecosystems might be affected when travel eventually returns. In fact, I’m in the process of writing an article it so I wanted to give you an exclusive sneak peek into some expert insights.

Generally, there’s cautious optimism about tourism returning:

“ There is the economic benefit of tourism to places that are already on a management framework. But then there's also that that side benefit of having, effectively, more monitoring going on through the through the presence of ecotourism operators as well,” explains Dr. Simon J. Pierce, Founder and Principal Scientist, Marine Megafauna Foundation

Yet, it can’t be ignored that, while it’s felt like a long break from normality for us, one year away from tourism isn’t all that long when it comes to marine ecosystems:

“There is this experience that we're having now in terms of reducing our movements and creating more energy efficiency. It has to persist. It can't just be a one year thing.” adds Dr. Tim McClanahan, PhD, Senior Conservation Zoologist, Wildlife Conservation Society

Watch this space for the full feature which is coming soon…

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