So, what’s all this then?

Welcome to Baleen by me: Melissa. I’m a communications consultant and writer passionate about making a positive difference to our planet and to people’s lives. I’ve been a diver for 13+ years and a published journalist (usually making a splash - sorry! - about something ocean related) for 5+ years.

If you know me already, you’ll know I love sharing intriguing, exciting and important stories about the environment and, often, the ocean. My intention is that, through Baleen, I’ll filter (gettit?!) through the latest conservation news, studies and papers to share the stories that really matter. If they’ve gone a little under the radar of the mainstream media, even better. Because everyone loves to be the first in the know. 

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Don’t just take it from me. My readers have called Baleen comprehensive, funny and accessible… and I reckon they have very good taste!